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"Partners In Safety"

A succesful safety program has three main components: proper training, discipline and incentives. As our objective within "Partners in Safety" is to achieve our company's goals, we have structured our program to be motivational for our people to really care about our business. Our company objectives are translated into personal goals with rewards and incentives for our employees.
We are continually taking steps to improve our Safety and Training Program. The cornerstone of our program is our intensive hands-on defensive driver training. In addition, our company's Management Team maintains a high commitment to safety. Our objective is to maintain a strong communications link between employees and management regarding safety. A safety newsletter "The BEAM" is published monthly with an eye toward safety and safe driving accomplishments reported from the public are regularly part of the newsboard. Driver suggestions are always welcome and can be submitted for publication.

Five Keys to Smith System Space Cushion Driving

1. Aim High in Steering
2. Get the Big Picture
3. Keep Your Eyes Moving
4. Leave Yourself an Out
5. Make Sure They See You



BP Award for Excellence & Outstanding performance 2000
ExxonMobil Award 2004 "Select Ten" Carrier


BP Award Commitment to Service following the events of September 11,2001


BP Gold Award - Safe, Efficient, and Environmentally Sound Servie in 2003 & 2004

Saftey Points Program

A well-planned motivation program focuses on the employees by providing specific direction and meaningful incentives, which motivates actional at all levels of participation.


Work Boots

150 points


ITC Logo Black Large Duffle Bag:

60 Safety Points