Island Transportation Corp.

Island Transportation Corp., founded in 1952 with one customer and two used tractor-trailers, has grown to one of the largest bulk carriers in the United States servicing the petroleum industry for over 50 years. Today, we are privileged to serve a majority of the leading oil companies in the northeast, hauling billions of gallons of product to their facilities each year. This is achieved by a modern fleet of tractors and trailers and the best trained professional truck drivers in the industry. We presently employ over 300 people in the tri-state area, the cornerstone of our business. Our growth over the years has been the result of dedication, loyalty and the hard work of our people. Island Transportation’s Corporate Headquarters is located at 299 Edison Avenue, West Babylon, New York, with our main operating facilities in the following areas:

* West Babylon, New York
* Brooklyn, New York
* Port Reading, New Jersey
* North Haven, Connecticut

ITC Mission Statement:

  1. Provide SAFE, timely and quality service to our customers.
  2. Operate in a team-work oriented environment so that we can achieve our goals.
  3. Consistently represent the company in a professional manner.
  4. Maintain the fleet, its appearance and personnel in top-notch form.
  5. At each terminal, on every shift, be completely knowledgeable of the whereabouts of every driver and piece of equipment.
  6. Maintain complete and accurate records on all personnel and transactions.

Safety Is Our Priority

A successful safety program has three main components: proper training, discipline and incentives. As our objective within “Partners in Safety” is to achieve our company’s goals, we have structured our program to be motivational for our people to really care about our business. Our company objectives are translated into personal goals with rewards and incentives for our employees.


We are continually taking steps to improve our Safety and Training Program. The cornerstone of our program is our intensive hands-on defensive driver training. In addition, our company’s Management Team maintains a high commitment to safety. Our objective is to maintain a strong communications link between employees and management regarding safety. A safety newsletter “The BEAM” is published monthly with an eye toward safety and safe driving accomplishments reported from the public are regularly part of the newsboard. Driver suggestions are always welcome and can be submitted for publication.